Hailing from Venezuela and a graduate of Columbia University, this gent is an expert in finance with a passion for film.


Locations: NYC, NJ, Westchester

Degree: Bachelors

Height: 6’1


Actor: One of my proudest moments has been attending the premiere of a movie I was featured in, at the Tribeca Film Festival, with my mother by my side.

Bartender:  I am TIPS Alcohol Certificated and have a lot of experience.

Chef:  I worked at a Latin bistro for several years. I’ve been able to add a South American hot touch to many dinner parties.

Dog Trainer:  I helped re-educate dogs recovered from dog-fighting rings.

Language Teacher: I’ve given the funniest Spanish language lessons during parties and events.

Assistant:  I have experience as administrative assistant and assistant manager and have been able to support ladies, being by their service during important presentations.

Driver:  I am used to the worst driving conditions, including NYC traffic.

Butler: My expertise in the hospitality business has allowed me to guarantee my clients the highest level of professionalism in all the events I have attended.

Mr. FixIt: In my youth in Venezuela, I used to build tree houses for me and my friends. As far as I know, most of the houses are still standing.

Happiness guarantee
Happiness guarantee
Happiness guarantee

We have a 100% happiness guarantee. If a customer is not 100% happy with the guy’s entertainment for any reason, she gets 100% of her money back. That being said, we have never had anyone ask for money back.