Cameron is a Film, TV and Commercial actor. When he was 15 he developed 3 servers for online gaming using his school’s network. At the age of 16 he partook in helping out in person at the BP Oil Spill of 2010 cleaning animals drenched with oil. This was the start of his philanthropic/ economic activities. He is now involved with ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation), RYOTNews, Change.org, GiveForward & OCEANA. At 17 he started fitness with #1 Fitness Model Greg Plitt, at 19 he began writing a novel with Co – Author Dave R. Persaud. Now he is 21 and this is just the beginning.


Locations: New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester

Degree: Associates 

Height: 6’0″


Actor: Shakespeare once said that the world is a stage and we’re all players of the play. As an actor I can be whatever you want me to be, as a story teller I can create your story.

Philosopher: Do you enjoy deep meaningful conversations? The world today is so full of passion but lacks the ambition & incentive to back it, If you want to do something DO IT, never let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do. If you need that extra push to take that leap of faith… I will be there.

Poet: Are you a fan of literature? Do you have a favorite poem, or even just like to spend a rainy day indoors or out, just to have someone read to you, serenade you with your favorite authors, I can be your personal audio-book, your poet, your muse.

Story Teller: Did you ever want to visit various parts of the city? Or just have a personal tour around hidden gems of NYC? I can make this feel like a step through a fairy-tale & you can make this into your story.

Assistant: Whether it’s to be your right hand man, or to be a muti-tasking machine! I can take your stress and turn it into progress.

Handyman: I’m a huge DIY guy, I recently hand crafted a 66 inch recurve bow made out of pure white oak wood, with a draw strength of 45 lbs!

Personal Shopper / Stylist: Hate shopping alone? Need someone to tell you which dress/accessory looks the best on you? Count me in, I happen to love shopping & some may say that I have the queer eye for the straight guy.

Dancer: Whether it’s dancing for you or dancing with you, whether it’s with a shirt on or off, indoors or outdoors, away to the dance floor we go! (I also can teach you how to dance)

Personal Trainer: Need a motivator? Have a goal in mind? An ideal physique? Let me know! I won’t just push you to be your best, I will work with you even to create a diet plan. Working with Greg Plitt has taught me that the gym is an arena. Everything that you do inside there you have control of, whether you cheat yourself or treat yourself.

Happiness guarantee
Happiness guarantee
Happiness guarantee

We have a 100% happiness guarantee. If a customer is not 100% happy with the guy’s entertainment for any reason, she gets 100% of her money back. That being said, we have never had anyone ask for money back.