Daniel, if nothing else, is an adventurer. He has worked on a fishing boat in Alaska, slept in a hammock for months while surfing Central America, competed in (and won) multiple body building competitions, was a certified personal trainer, and moved to New York City on a whim to be a fashion photographer.  He has a degree in psychology and has also attended Brooks Institute of Photography, one of most highly regarded schools in the industry.  In the last two years, he has progressed quickly in the world of fashion and advertising, and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. He has the rare combination of intellect, empathy, and sheer masculinity that most men lack, and is a great addition to any party or event.


Locations: New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester

Degree: Bachelors

Height: 5’8″


Photographer: Daniel’s work is emotional, moody, and exceptional

Bartender: While Daniel loves his scotch neat, he can also make a mean cosmo

Philosopher: Daniel enjoys reading and writing on his roof as well as in depth conversations about philosophy and theology

Pro-Athlete: Daniel has competed in and won numerous body building competitions (and has the body to show for it!)

Bodyguard: Daniel bounced at a bar in California, and doesn’t mind getting rough when need be

Driver: yup.  Daniel can drive!

Handyman: Daniel grew up working construction with his dad in Idaho

Personal Trainer: Daniel was a certified personal trainer for years in Idaho

Happiness guarantee
Happiness guarantee
Happiness guarantee

We have a 100% happiness guarantee. If a customer is not 100% happy with the guy’s entertainment for any reason, she gets 100% of her money back. That being said, we have never had anyone ask for money back.