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RENT A GENT REVIEWS - 5 Stars on Yelp  

Check out our five star rating on Yelp and read more below.

I had a last minute social function that required a plus one. I found Rent a Gent online. I selected Noah for my gent for the event. I was running late and he could not have been more gracious about my tardiness. We hung out until I spotted my ex in the next room. I warned Noah and he took it cool as a cucumber. Sure enough at the end of the evening the ex came over and was introduced to Noah. He was great. Very normal and friendly. He held his own. We had a fun time and he was a gentleman in every way. I would definitely use this excellent service again for parties or private events. NYC.

I planned a bachelorette party for 17 ladies in NYC. My best friend is getting married and I wanted to do something special for her. She wanted to do something different than the typical steroid infused male entertainment experiences I had at my other friend's bachelorette parties and we considered many different options.  We aren't 25 and we wanted something a bit more high class. I knew one of the founders of this company from college and she's great so I gave this company a chance even though it's new and their website is not even done. We had several guys from this company make us dinner, bartend and do a dance show for us. Plus, two of them brought guitars and we learned how to play basic guitar. We had 3 guys and they were able to engage all of the people in the group, even the girls who swore they wouldn't enjoy this type of thing, etc. The food was delicious, the drinks were great and the guys looked even better than on their pictures. We took way too many pictures with their six-packs, I wish I could post them on my fb. The guys were all educated, smart and totally hot! The bride loved this and so did all her friends! I'm going to book this service again for my next girls night out. NYC.

FANTASTIC COMPANY and service!  We ordered two RentaGent bartenders for a private party at our condo.  The men were not only gorgeous, but they were also very competent bartenders and quickly developed a rapport with everyone -- they basically served as charming co-hosts of our party.  Many of our guests commented on how great it was to have them there!  I'm definitely using RentaGent again. NJ.

Wow Wow Wow! What else can I say? We organized a surprise birthday party and hired 2 Gents. They served us food and danced for us all night! It was a sensational success that will be remembered for years to come! MD.