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Hi, I'm Konrad O

I am an eclectic individual with a diverse background, I enjoy music, am a drummer and a percussionist, enjoy riding and working on motorcycles and cars, have a deep thirst to learn about different cultures and travel the world, have traveled and experienced over 15 countries in Europe, and traveled and experienced over 20 states in the United States, NYC, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Ohio, Maine, to name a few, and Canada. I have many interesting stories to share about my travels in Europe. I enjoy writing songs and producing new music as well as perform at live concerts from Rock shows to Orchestra Concerts. Enjoy bodybuilding and fitness as well as proper nutrition. I am a passionate individual that craves an intellectual conversation. I was born in Poland and raised in a Polish house. Speak Polish and English Fluently. A real man who knows how to treat a woman right, but isn't afraid to get dirty and fix his own car or renovate a house, or take on a challenge. Currently employed as a NJ public adjuster and training to invest in Real Estate properly, with a goal to do 4 deals this year. Well educated and chivalrous and I have a great sense of humor. I enjoy adventures and keep a positive outlook and perspective. I am a great listener and enjoy learning new things.


Give my attention and go out of my way for the client, make sure the client is satisfied throughout the date, bring a spice to the agency, expand the gentleman portfolio, and looking to build a steady clientele that will be calling to request me through the agency

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