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  1. Rob A

    Professional, highly educated, well mannered, pleasant, amiable, experienced, own my own tuxedo, well travelled, employed MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  2. Michael

    Educated, professional guy with a passion for life and people. Enjoy physical exercise along with good conversation Learn More
  3. Andrew

    I am a former United States Marine Corps Infantry. Currently a personal trainer and fitness model. I have been a dancer my entire life and have choreographed and performed since I was young. I sing, I cook, I read, I live life with passion. Learn More
  4. Al

    I am a radio talk host, an excellent conversationalist with style. I dress well and I am mature. Learn More
  5. Abhimanyu

    Hi I am Abhimanyu from INDIA New delhi fun loving party guy Learn More
  6. jerry

    Im a roofer by trade. As of now I'm interested in working in the upscale restaurant business, I am a part time student studying massage therapy. I'm a very adventurous outdoors type of guy who enjoys the simple things in life. Learn More
  7. Michael

    I'm a well-read, polite, amused young man who enjoys pleasant company. I write, read, cook, drink, and generally enjoy life as best I can. Learn More
  8. Nick

    Very athletic, intelligent well spoken, well traveled Learn More
  9. Bud

    I'm a comedian actor guitar player conversationalist.. The eloquence of Elvis with the exuberance of James Brown Learn More
  10. Orlando

    6'2 single, no kids, open minded individual. Learn More
  11. Ash

    Love to go out, dance, socialize, meet new people and especially sports and athletic activities. Learn More
  12. Bryan

    I am an LPN in nursing. I enjoy music, dancing, tennis, exercising etc. Learn More
  13. David

    David has a 30+ year career in financial services, making him quite knowledgeable about the business world. His many years as a trusted advisor developed him into a keen listener. His experience with political risk transactions turned him into a news junkie who is well informed on current events. His family roots are in the Broadway theater, so he is a lifelong patron of the arts. As for outdoor life, he has run six marathons, still competes in over 25 races a year, and is a serious baseball fan. While he does not have children of his own, he is uncle to a number of nephews and nieces and has been close to children his entire life. It’s not a stretch to call him a renaissance man—very smart, very polite, a gentleman. Learn More
  14. Ryan

    Im a NYC fashion model and a great conversationalist. From a dinner date to an event at a particular venue I can ensure we have a great time. Learn More
  15. Josh

    If you're looking for the perfect balance of culture and chill, you've come to the right place. I've worked in both creative and corporate settings, my taste in music and literature is vast and diverse, and thanks to a background in recruiting, you'll be hard-pressed to meet someone more personable, more charming, and more attentive to your needs. Learn More
  16. Christian

    Economist. Gentleman Learn More
  17. Alexander B

    I am piano entertainer and singer with many years of experience. I live in Beverly Hills and I do private parties , corporate events , open houses , birthday parties and many more. I sing on 8 languages and play american plus international music. Two Gold medals winner , All Major Casinos in Las Vegas and Exclusive Concert on the One Million Dollar Diamond Liberace Piano. I have Master Degree education as Banker and i have REIT , I do M&A ,Realtor and Financing. I am Italian , I speak English , Italian , German , Russian and French. I lived in Switzerland and Monaco. MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  18. Angel M

    I am a Italian/Puerto Rican male. Master degree. Knowledge on several cultures, love travel. Know how t cook several culinary recipes. Knowledge in finance, sports, fashion, etc. Love comedy and friendly personality Learn More
  19. Joe A

    I am a 15 year veteran teacher, now persuing a career as a singer-songwriter, actor, and character model. MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  20. Kevin R

    For the older woman looking for the distinguished executive MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  21. Martine B

    An actor, martial artist and chess player with a lively spirit. I love meeting new people and pride myself in being easy to talk to - and nothing makes me happy like cooking for others. MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  22. Ross G

    I'm a tall, dark handsome, intelligent, active listener. I'm polite, kind, funny, empathetic and understanding. I look great in a suit! I'm charismatic and fun to be with. I'm knowledgeable about food, wine, culture and the art of conversation. :-) Learn More
  23. Richard M

    i am 5.5 light brown hair clean cut well manered love to live life. MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  24. Majeed S

    I'm a 26 yr old US Air Force Veteran. I'm also a writer in the making and a student of Psychology. MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  25. Orlando

    I'm an opera singer with a master's degree from the Peabody Conservatory. I consult with people from a variety of professions on how to use their voices (television personalities, CEOS, physicians, lawyers, etc). I play the piano, love to cook French and Italian cuisine, and can hold a conversation on just about any topic because of the vast variety of professions my clients have come from over the years. Learn More
  26. Bill E M

    Actor /Model / Writer of Published Book / Inventor MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  27. Arnold C

    Always a "Ladies First" approach, and always a Gentleman with chivalry and a charming personality. My mix of "Old School and contemporary values, along with easy going conversation and great footwork on the dance floor, will add energy to a party. MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  28. Konrad O

    I am an eclectic individual with a diverse background, I enjoy music, am a drummer and a percussionist, enjoy riding and working on motorcycles and cars, have a deep thirst to learn about different cultures and travel the world, have traveled and experienced over 15 countries in Europe, and traveled and experienced over 20 states in the United States, NYC, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Ohio, Maine, to name a few, and Canada. I have many interesting stories to share about my travels in Europe. I enjoy writing songs and producing new music as well as perform at live concerts from Rock shows to Orchestra Concerts. Enjoy bodybuilding and fitness as well as proper nutrition. I am a passionate individual that craves an intellectual conversation. I was born in Poland and raised in a Polish house. Speak Polish and English Fluently. A real man who knows how to treat a woman right, but isn't afraid to get dirty and fix his own car or renovate a house, or take on a challenge. Currently employed as a NJ public adjuster and training to invest in Real Estate properly, with a goal to do 4 deals this year. Well educated and chivalrous and I have a great sense of humor. I enjoy adventures and keep a positive outlook and perspective. I am a great listener and enjoy learning new things. Learn More
  29. Jimi

    I am a young actor and model living and working in New York City. I am in my last year of school at a conservatory. Learn More
  30. Aziz

    Good looking fun Moroccan man in good shape and of sound mind Learn More