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We're recruiting Rental Gents across the US and Canada. We're seeking gentlemen who are handsome, charming, and accomplished. There’s no hanky panky at this job. Suitable professions include: doctors, lawyers, finance guys, real estate guys, models, actors, writers, photographers, chefs, bartenders, pilots, etc. A Gent for Rent is a gentleman host that knows how to charm the ladies and keep a party going. He is the life of any occasion, while making the ladies the sparkle in the sky. Go rock climbing, serve, cook, be the best dancer at a wedding. Compensation is about $100 an hour.

Become a Gent for Rent

Click on proceed to pay the $50 processing fee, in order to submit your application. We will then see if you are able to get 100 votes, in order to enter your trial period as a Gent for Rent.
Know someone who'd make the perfect Gent for Rent? Submit him here and we'll give you a 10% referral credit if we hire him.
100 votes does not guarantee Gent status and Gent status does not guarantee automatic bookings.