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Hi, I'm Torin. The Younger George Clooney.

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Torin is well-rounded and well traveled. He's currently self-employed as a brand marketer working with global companies in various industries. Prior to being in brand marketing, Torin has experience in the real estate industry as a loan officer, in the technology sector as a process development consultant, and in the military. As a side pursuit, Torin is an actor and a model. He has appeared in print advertisements for major hotel chains, has been a lead role in theater productions, and has had parts in regional commercials.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Education: Bachelors Degree, Height: 5'11




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Actor - has several years of experience and can play the role of the new boyfriend or lover or successful associate to make others jealous or other motives.

Philosopher - has an interest in higher concepts and can carry a conversation about points of view on life and current events.

Assistant - years of experience as an event manager executing successful events for different clients. Helping get desired tasks achieved is second nature.

Driver - has several years experience working with the general public as an in-vehicle host for ride and drive programs. Has experience driving a range of vehicles in performance levels and size.

Handyman - previous military experience which adds to the ability to fix things and improvise. Additionally, an only child who helped out around the house.

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