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Hi, I'm Michael. The Movie Producer.

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I have a degree in psychology, I am a business owner and movie producer. I gained some popularity in Turkey thanks to a soap opera where I played the bad guy, a role that I find more intriguing and appealing to myself, rather than the boy next door.

Locations: NYC, NJ, Westchester

Degree: Bachelors

Height: 5'11




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Actor:  I have been acting since I was three months old. I use the method to become the character I play. I teach acting classes and I can become whoever you want me to.

Stripper:  I have been working in a strip club in the past. I used to enjoy any kind of exhibition in front of an audience. I discovered at bachelorette parties that I still do.

Poet: I teach screenwriting seminars and enjoy writing dialogues for the characters that I play. I wrote verses for some ladies at parties and then read them, creating a playful and intriguing atmosphere.

Story Teller:  I have done a lot of research and put myself in borderline situations, to be able to play extreme characters. I have controversial stories that have amused all my dates.

Dancer:  Salsa is my specialty, at parties I have turned ladies into dancers who thought that “salsa” was just the Italian for “sauce”.

Personal Trainer: I have been practicing yoga and meditation for years. Those disciplines have opened my eyes and my mind. I enjoy sharing the benefits with others.

Visual Artist: I have drawn cartoons of party guests. A very cool memory from an event.

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