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Hi, I'm Michael. The Comedian.

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I grew up in New Jersey and I can still visit the shore without getting into a fist fight on a reality TV show. I am an actor, a bari-tenor singer and fluent in English and profanity. I have a Bachelor in Arts and my skills are swimming, procrastination, performing rap lyrics, teaching, discussing Batman, silly dancing. I am not now nor have I ever been cool.

Locations: NYC, NJ, Westchester

Degree: Bachelors

Height: 6'0




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Comedian:  I have several years of experience in performing stand up comedy. As a guest at ladies parties I have always been able to liven up the night and make sure everyone had a good time.

Musician:  I have worked a lot on my voice. I am a baritenor and I also do voiceover for tv. I like to sing and do voices and impressions sometimes for no one other than myself.

Actor:  I have starred in countless theater performances as well as improv. I can pose as the funny good guy boyfriend that would make your grandma happy.

Story Teller: I love to listen and to learn, but most of all I love to make a woman laugh telling a funny story. I think being silly is a highly underrated activity

Driver: I can be just like Morgan Freeman in “Driving Miss Daisy”, except I have not won an Oscar yet.

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