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Hi, I'm Mark. The Listener.

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Mark's many years in law enforcement have taught him to be an attentive listener.  He is an easy dinner companion who can engage in meaningful dialogue and listen with a sympathetic ear.  Mark's passion is music, the guitar his connection to it.  Concerts and theatrical productions are favorite activities.   As the oldest of six siblings, he is a most responsible man who will help out with many daunting tasks.  Mark is also honest and reliable.

Location: New York, Westchester, NY
Degree: Bachelors
Height: 5'8




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Guitarist: Playing the guitar in a public environment with friends or a special person is an awesome experience. 

Charity Dinner Companion: Dining is the ultimate opportunity to listen and talk.  Of course, enjoyment of food is as important too, but great dialogue beats everything.

The Cleaner: As the eldest of six children, Mark learned very early how to do many tasks in record time and do them well.   

Errand boy:  Mark understands well the "to-do list." A born "helper", he can facilitate your life of work and worry.

Assistant: Sharing and completing chores or tasks with an able-bodied assistant is much more fun. 

Walking companion: Manhattan is a historic beautiful city.  Mark will keep you company on a walk or a tour of the city.

Advisor: As an optimistic Sagittarius, he can offer perspective on life's situations.

Concert companion: Sharing a concert transports me to the other side of music, listening and feeling great sound.

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