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Hi, I'm Kamui. The Fitness Entrepreneur.

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This East Coast gentleman stands out from the rest.  From roles in blockbuster films to setting the recording booth on fire with his lyrical skills, this young up-and-comer is taking the entertainment game by storm.  A true charmer, Teddy will keep you laughing with his zany sense of humor.  As a skilled martial artist, he is very passionate about physical fitness and has created his own brand "HD Fitness" to help others reach their goals.  Whether a dinnner party or a casual poolside get together, he rises to the occasion and looks great doing it.  His positive spirit just consumes all who come in contact with him and you cannot help but be mesmerized by Teddy's presence. 

Locations: New York and New Jersey

Degree: Bachelors




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The Songwriter: As an experienced recording artist/songwriter with an extensive music catalog, Teddy has that extra edge when it comes to expressing himself. 

The Actor:  As an actor, he has the ability to step things up and play a role if the situation may require it.

The Martial Artist: Trained at the age of three in the way of martial arts, Teddy's extensive training more than qualifies him to teach others in the art of self-defense.

The Personal Trainer: A certified personal trainer with his own fitness company, he is a product of his own brands and takes pride in keeping in shape.  He inspires otheres to get on track with their health and has helped many reach their weight loss goals. 

The Bodyguard: With over fifteen (15) yeras of martial arts/boxing, Teddy is also capable of handling body guard duties as well if there is a need.

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