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Hi, I'm Brent. The University Professor.

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Brent once beach camped solo on the Yucatan Peninsula and woke at dawn to shouting militiamen surrounding him with aimed machine guns. He's hitch-hiked from Boston to Salt Lake City, climbed Pike's Peak, raced a marathon, and was valedictorian of his high school class. He currently runs therapy groups in the NYS Juvenile Justice System and is a licensed hypnotist.

Location: New York, Long Island, Westchester, NY
Degree: Bachelors
Height: 5'10




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Actor: Brent was a male lead in his high school's annual full-length play.  

Dating Coach--Brent is currently earning a Masters degree in counseling at New York University.

Philosopher--Brent loves a little Hegal and Heidegger, but let's hear it for Nietzsche.  

Pro-Athlete--Brent was an all-state athlete in basketball and cross-country.  He's run a full marathon.

Story Teller--Brent has had steady practice trading made-up stories with kids he has babysat.  

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