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Hi, I'm Tony. The Culinary Artist.

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Tony is a model/actor and an award winning culinary artist. He has traveled the world indulging in many different cultures. His strong desire for equality comes from his family and the discipline and honor he acquired serving the US Navy for eight years. He is the lead model for two national clothing lines and starred as the lead in two feature films and two national television shows.

Locations: Los Angeles and Orange County

Degree: Bachelors






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The Chef: making people happy cooking them delicious meals has been a passion Tony has been cultivating his entire life.

The Photographer: after many years in front of the camera, he knows how to make anyone feel comfortable and look great.

The Story Teller: he traveled to more than ten different countries and lived in Japan for a while. He has stories to tell...

The Personal Stylist: when he can, he likes to take care of his own wardrobe for shooting, he has a very personal style and taste for accessories.

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