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Hi, I'm Siaka. The Dog Trainer.

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Siaka has been a working actor out of Los Angeles. He has trained dogs for the past nine years. He's also a personal trainer. Siaka's bartending skills will have you begging for more drinks. After twenty years of martial arts experience, he can also teach you how to protect yourself.




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Bartender--My nine years behind the bar has taught me to make many drinks to put a smile on your face.

Story Teller: My stories will have you laughing and wondering how someone could live such an awesome life so far.

Dog Trainer--My dog is a pitbull and is the most well-behaved dog most have ever seen or met. I can do the same for your dog.

Martial Artist--I have been training in Martial Arts since I was 17 and can teach about five different ways to defend yourself and be at peace.

Personal Trainer--I don't just train your body, but also your mind. Let me help you get stronger all over.

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