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Hi, I'm Shannon. The Aerospace Engineer.

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An Aerospace Engineer who has traveled the world including less traveled destinations like Cuba and North Korea. I have a passion for helping people whether it is tutoring them in math and science or helping them find their true love. I love exploring new places, from entertainment to the outdoors I like it all. I believe that comedy, music, art and poetry are great foods for the soul.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Education: Bachelors Degree, Height: 6'0




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Personal Trainer--I have trained individuals on both weight loss and weight gain routines. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing my clients reach and exceed their potential.

Dating coach--I have helped both men and women find true love by helping them discover themselves and what they want in a potential mate.

Philosopher--I love exploring and talking about culture, history, space, international politics, sexuality, women's history and movements, psychology, health, resource based economy and other topics.

Assistant--I have held many jobs in my life and can help in many areas from tutoring (math/science/history), house cleaner, bartending private events, real estate consultant, masseur, etc.

Comedian--I have taken improv classes at iO West and Second City Hollywood. This type of improv is like the TV show "Whose Line it it Anyways?" and I can teach you the basics.

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