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Hi, I'm Michael. The Tech Entrepreneur.

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Mike grew up in San Diego, and has the most varied resume you'll ever see.  He has worked as a scientist, nightclub bouncer, sushi chef, martial arts instructor and even went through the police academy.  He currently owns an IT support business, and somehow finds the time to work as a photographer and model on the side.  If you couldn't tell, Mike is adventurous and likes to share that spirit with others. 

Locations: San Diego, CA, Los Angeles

Degree: Bachelors




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Photographer: Michael offers all sorts of photographic services; lifestyle, headshots, commercial, food, weddings and even teach a photography class through UCSD.

Actor: Who is he kidding.  He is an awful actor else hed be living in LA.  He is awesome at smiling on command and looking like he knows what he's doing (see his golf pic).

Martial Arts Instructor: He has taught Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under his head instructor, in addition to Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do Concepts.  Michael is currently training in Muay Thai.

Driver:  He knows he "looks" Asian, but is actually a really good driver.  And he doesn't eat anything with the head still attached either.

Bodyguard: Need him to look good in a suit and earpiece?  He has you covered!

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