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Hi, I'm Dominique. The Wash Board Body.

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Dominique has a Bachelors in Economics (Business).  A pro athlete turned model, he has modeled for Nike, Adidas, Old Navy, Ralph Lauren and various other brands.  Passionate about fitness, he is a certified personal trainer and massage therapist.  He works with various clients from overweight to professional athletes and models.  His goal in life is to start a non-profit working with teenage athletes who don't have any support or sense of direction, and are desperate for a mentor.  He also loves to read, go hiking and do yoga everyday. 

Location: Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu
Degree: Bachelors
Height: 6'3"




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Pro Athlete: Dominique played both football and basketball.  He is in excellent shape.  

Personal Trainer: Dominique trains various clients.  He has overweight clients to clients looking to gain strength to be professional models and athletes.

Bodyguard: He is the guy scoping out the scene, making sure everything is safe.  People feel protected around him.

Assistant: Dominique worked many years as an assistant in high school and college.  He takes directions well and is also a great listener.

Actor: Dominique is taking classes to perfect his craft.  He has been in numerous television shows and commercials.

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