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Hi, I'm Davy. The Bestselling Author.

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Davy is the bestselling author of five books, an award-winning filmmaker, a public radio star, and creator and editor of Found Magazine. He’s been profiled in The New Yorker and The New York Times and appeared three times as a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman. He’s also a renowned journalist (New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle) who writes frequently for GQ Magazine. His life has been adapted into a Hollywood movie and a Broadway play. L.A. Weekly named him one of their 2013 “People of the Year.” He’s a world traveler who’s been to 50 countries and has performed his lively, energetic spoken-word shows in all 50 states. He’s given talks at Harvard, Yale, Brown, Stanford, and UCLA, and was described as “utterly engaging” by the Los Angeles Times

Locations: Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego

Degree: Bachelors






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The Story-Teller: he’s a master storyteller who loves to share stories of his own adventures and has an insatiable curiosity about your own journeys and what’s on your mind. With his friendly, intelligent and inclusive personality, he’s a memorable presence at any social gathering, or when you have him all for yourself.

The Instructor: he’s taught writing, journalism, filmmaking, and more at the college level and can help you shape your own work and realize your creative dreams. He also leads annual hiking trips with dozens of kids, and can work with your kids on their own projects or schoolwork of any kind. A former high-school basketball coach and multi-talented athlete, he can help you achieve your physical and athletic goals as well. 

The Photographer: he’s wowed people with his ability to capture raw and personal candid moments at weddings, birthday parties, and other special events. 

The Driver: he’s logged literally a million road miles without a crash. Friendly company and will get you where you need to go, when you need to get there.

The Dating Coach: as the author of the bestselling, deeply personal book of essays My Heart is an Idiot, he’s become an expert on love and relationships. He’s also an ideal matchmaker who loves introducing people to others in his wide circle of intriguing friends.

The Assistant: sharp, fast, reliable, and immensely capable, he’ll help put your ideas into action. When you need something done efficiently and expertly, he’s a dream come true.

The Bodyguard: he worked as a personal bodyguard for Jesse Jackson and is talented at defusing any situation with the right words and a smile. Can use size and strength when needed.

The Bartender: will charm your guests with his friendliness and delicious drinks. He’s tended bar everywhere from New York’s hip East Village to Budapest’s Central Square.

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