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Hi, I'm Kenneth - Los Angeles

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You would have a very unique person, master of many disciplines and social skills and then some; counseling, teaching, fitness, design and artistry to name a few. Whether it's sweeping someone off their feet on a date, or a dancefloor, or cooking vegan dinners in a three piece suit; I put being a feminist and a gentlemen first before all else. You'll catch me giving a tailored experience to each person in any environment at any time. I am at home when it comes to being a shoulder for tears or the man who makes the party that everyone will hear stories about for years to come. I've been called many things, but charming, skilled and lively have always been the words of the day. I simply just know how to make people feel alive, warm and welcomed. I've been doing it for years in every job and country I've traveled. I'm quite knowledgeable and experienced in many cultures from the normal to the very abnormal. Goth? Hip-hop? Farming? Acting? Geek? Fitness? I've tasted every bit of life. There's no one I can't easily speak to and make smile I simply try.

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