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Hi, I'm Basil - New York

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Being a Gent's about making your clients feel totally UN-self conscious and in the moment when we're together. I'll make sure they have fun and enjoy their event because it's important to THEM. I enjoy making women (any race, background, doesn't matter) feel great about themselves, how they look, and who they are as a person.
Most of all I want them to be excited at their dinner, event, etc. and to have someone special to share it with (me!). She'll have fun, relax, let me handle the details. Life's about feeling excited going from one experience to another. I want your clients to have a smile on their face when they think about the time we spent together.
Medical Practice Sales Consultant (Wellness), clients are doctors; former Wall St. bond salesman (or refugee to be honest:)., Harvard B school/Williams grad. I'm into healthy living/nutrition, HIIT training, also a certified reiki master soon a certified meditation instructor. Love all kinds of music, fine dining, international travel, going to movies. Dream career: hosting a top health/nutrition/spirituality TV show.

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