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  1. Tate - Los Angeles

    My name is Tate and I split my time between Los Angeles and New York City. I own my own real estate investment company in New York and I work as a financial rep in Los Angeles. I love going to the gym, being outdoors, attending events, and working. My interests include politics, investing, reading, history, travelling and music. I love treating women to a good time and meeting new people. I'm also very outgoing and I've traveled all over the world. Because of my reading, I know a fair amount about a lot of topics. Therefore, I feel that I can provide interesting discourse, a healthy sense of humor, and a charming interest that makes a night with me an unforgettable experience. Learn More
  2. UNEEB - washington

    I offer a blend of being in the military and a doctor, being able to navigate both worlds helps me adjust to others' desires. Intellectual engagements? Check. Formal occasions? Service dress blues are ready to roll... I could go on. Military doctor in training hooked on the thrill of helping others in the most dire of circumstances. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, star-gazing, and making women feel special. Learn More
  3. Bill - San Francisco

    Tall fit conversationalist romantic nurturer. An older distinguished gentleman that has a young fun friendly spirit. MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  4. Nathaniel - Boston

    I was in the United States Marine Corps for four years as an Infantry Marine. I graduated university after where I am currently working as a Security Analyst and going to graduate school. I have been on endless first dates, I do want to settle down one day but I figured I could help utilize my outgoing personality to help other women feel more comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Plus, you only live once so why not enjoy a smart, beautiful and adventurous woman by your side. MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  5. Justin - Los Angeles

    I enjoying meeting new people and being the life of the party. I am a regional sales manager for a medical sales company which makes me experienced of winning over a crowd. I can make any woman the center of attention. I can be the best dancer at a wedding reception or speak educationally at a dinner party. Very well rounded and love adventure! MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  6. Tony - Atlanta

    I am a very out going guy and a Gentleman. I am a Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Teacher. I love Hiking, Movies, and Entertaining the Ladies. MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  7. Justin - Seattle

    A hapa who enjoys fine clothing, photography, cooking and all things stylish. I am starting my own photography business. MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  8. Alexandre - Chicago

    French Italian , well traveled , lived in 5 cities in the last 7 years , enticing , educated , well read , intoxicating. I'm extremely enticed to meet new people and charm my audience , I can entertain , charm and I have one hell of a smile. I'm at ease with any age and type of women and I'm looking for chemistry in every encounter I make. MINIMUM BOOKING: 3 HOURS Learn More
  9. Jacob - Los Angeles

    Provide a quality hospitable experience for clients. On time and consistent. I've lived in Chongqing, China on and off the past couple years coaching American Football and mentoring High School students... along with having traveled to Europe, Middle East and Africa, I provide a unique global experience that few other gents may have. Ultimately, i have the ability to connect with anyone that is kind and respectful. In my early 20's I owned and operated a Holiday Inn and was handpicked in 2008 as 1 0f 10 managers worldwide by Intercontinental Hotels Group to relaunch the brand with respect to their logo, renovation look, and most importantly their service culture/brand hallmarks. I know what it takes to provide a satisfying customer experience along with going the extra mile. 6 foot .5 inches 174lbs Psychology Degree Entrepreneur Atheltic - Football, Yoga, Calisthenics, Running, Weight Trainng, more Fitness Expert Performance Coach Actor Model High School Mentor Fluent in Aramaic Conversational Arabic, Mandarin Happy, Social and Empathetic Caring, Loving, Gentlemen Older brother to 2 handsome bros :) MINIMUM BOOKING: 4 HOURS Learn More
  10. Dan - San Francisco

    A gent who can be the ideal +1 at a wedding, (or other formal function), as well as a casual option for drinks and dancing and laughs, (bowling, pool, etc). I'm an executive level professional, (VP of Sales), and well rounded gentleman. Latin and European background, Bi-Lingual, athletic and fit. Learn More