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Q: How do I order a gent?

To order a gent, select the gent(s) you prefer, and select the date and time on the right hand side, and click on the Book button. Enter the address and your payment info and you’re all set.  We have a 100% Happiness Guarantee which means that if you're not 100% happy after renting a gent we will give you your money back.

A few days before your scheduled event you will receive the gent's contact info and he will receive yours so you could coordinate the final details. If you are hiring a gent to be your date, you will be his sole focus during the event and everyone around will be jealous of you and your handsome and intelligent date.

Q: How are the gents screened?

It is easier for a man to get into Harvard than to get a contract from Rent A Gent to be a man on demand. Less than 1% of the thousands of men who apply to work at Rent A Gent are selected for this exclusive website.

From the thousands of men who apply to work at Rent A Gent, the screening team selects less than 5% for an in-person interview with Rent A Gent. At the interview the guys are evaluated by a panel of female judges on their charisma, attractiveness, intelligence and talents. The female judges include bankers, lawyers, models and homemakers.

If the female judges unanimously agree that a man meets the selective Rent A Gent criteria (and this is rare!), he moves on to the next step of the interview process - a background check, which is conducted with the applicant’s consent. Only upon the successful passing of a background check and the unanimous approval of the female judges is a man selected to be a gent on the Rent A Gent website.

Q: Is there a membership fee?

There is currently no membership fee for our clients.

Q: What inspired the Rent A Gent idea?

We attended a few boring bachelorette parties where the oily guy who showed up at the door looked nothing like the guy we chose and couldn’t carry on a 5 minute conversation. We ordered a 6'1 model and got a 5'6 hairy beast. There was also a birthday party of an ex where one of us wanted to bring the most handsome date in NYC and couldn’t find anyone with a short notice. That’s where the Rent A Gent concept of men on demand was born. 

Q: What motivated you to enter this business?

We are women who wanted to give successful, confident women like us a new entertainment option that’s fun, safe, and by women’s rules. This new service is men on demand.

Q: How much is the service?

The service costs less than a pair of Louboutin shoes. Every gent is currently $200 per hour, and prices will change as gents get reviewed by our clients. All clients are able to leave anonymous reviews on our website, and the gents who get the best reviews will go up in price to reward them for their good performance. Gents are not able to review clients. 

Q: What’s included in the service? 

All of our gents have one or more special talents. The included service depends on the special talent(s) of the gent(s) you select. For example: piano playing, cooking, singing, dancing, stripping, French lessons, etc.

Q: I live in Miami, is your service available there?

Yes! Our service is currently available in NY, NJ, PA, DC, VA, MD, DE, TX, CA, NV, Miami, Chicago and a few other cities. We are expanding to other areas. 

Q: How far in advance should I book?

You should book as soon as you know the date and time you’d like your gent. Their availability gets booked up fast, especially on weekends.

Q: I am having a bachelorette party and want to hire a stripper, how long do I book him for?

Most bachelorette party bookings are for an hour. If you want your gent to stay longer, it’s usually no problem, just continue to tip him.

Q: How much do I tip? What’s the suggested gratuity?

You can tip as much as you’d like for great service. The suggested minimum gratuity for great service is 20%.

Q: What can the gents do?

Our gents have a variety of talents, including, but not limited to: dancing, singing, guitar playing, teaching languages, cooking, bartending, cleaning, assisting, martial arts, sports, personal training, photography, stripping, breakdancing, ballet, poetry, philosophy, etc.

Q: Who is the most popular gent?

Our most popular gent is currently Eric.

Q: What’s the most popular service?

Our most popular service is currently Eric accompanying clients to events and to dinner. Our second most popular service is bachelorette parties and birthday parties. We have several strippers who are also professional dancers. Another popular service is personal training.

Q: Do the gents ever go on sale?

We reward our loyal customers with transferrable gift certificates and membership points.

Q: How long has this company been around?

The company was founded in early 2013.

Q: Will my privacy be protected?

We do not share our client’s information with anyone and all services are provided in a discreet manner.

Q: Why are all the gents the same price?

Every gent is currently $200 per hour, and prices will change as gents get reviewed by clients. Our clients are able to leave anonymous reviews on our website, and the gents who get the best reviews will go up in price to reward them for their good performance. 

Q: Can I order more than one gent at a time and for the same event?

Yes, you can order as many gents as are available for your day and time. 

Q: Could men rent gents?


Q: Is there any time limit or time restriction on ordering? 


Q: Is sex included? 

No hanky panky with the gents is allowed.

Q: Has there ever been a situation where someone hires a gent and he can't perform the task they need him to, like put together furniture or whatnot? What's the policy if that does happen - does the customer get a refund? 

We have a 100% happiness guarantee. If a customer is not 100% happy with the guy’s entertainment for any reason, she gets 100% of her money back. That being said, we have never had anyone ask for money back.

Q: How many women have used the site so far? 

We are growing at a rate of 50% a month as women around the US find out about our exclusive new service.

Q: How do I apply to work at Rent A Gent?

Click on the BECOME A GENT button.