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  • How to Plan a Bachelorette Party

    10 Bachelorette Party Tips for Every Bride

    She has the ring, the dress, the flowers and the venue, so what’s left? Oh, just this little thing we call The Bachelorette Party!

    In the last few years, bachelorette parties in the United States have evolved from the “craziest-one-night-of-your-life” (not that there’s anything wrong with that), to a personalized weekend with your closest girlfriends. Below is our guide and suggestions to planning a fantastic bachelorette party weekend for your bestie, while enjoying it yourself  (I promise… a crazy night is definitely on the list).

    Take a breath.... It’s going to be ok! Here we go.

    1. I can’t stress this enough (so I’m using my shouting letters), KNOW YOUR BRIDE. There is no cookie-cutter formula to a bachelorette party – so know what your bride likes and her interests.  Is she a party girl? Think Vegas or Miami for a weekend. Is she a worldly traveller; Iceland is only a five-hour flight from NYC. Is she more a sporty chick who prefers the outdoors and getting sweaty? How about a ski/snowboarding trip to Tremblant, Utah or Vail, or perhaps a rock climbing trip in Arizona, or even attending a sporting event. Is she a girlie girl?  Indulge her in high tea at The Pierre, followed by a massage and a mani-pedi at her favorite spa, and a personalized shopping experience with a stylist at Bloomingdales. Or is she the foodie who prefers hanging with the latest chefs and discussing the flavors on her plate and the appropriate pairings? Plan a trip to Aspen/Miami/NY Food and Wine Week, or a wine tour trip to Napa.

    2. Guest list – speak with your bride regarding whom from her friends she would like to participate. Would she prefer to invite every girl she’s been friends with since grade school, or just her close circle of confidants.  Remember, this is your bride’s party, let her dictate the invitees. As a side note, if there are any particular individuals attending, who have a not-so-kosher history, speak to them privately regarding being amicable for the sake of the bride.  Also consider whether you’re going to invite women from the guy’s side of the family and the bride’s mom, sisters and grandmothers. The new trend is that moms and grandmas also love to attend bachelorette parties.

    3. When contacting the bride’s friends regarding potential plans, be courteous of individual schedules. Anticipate a conflict in timing for at least one or two girls and save yourself the headache of this additional stress. You will not be able to accommodate everyone, so perhaps choose one or two dates that work best for the bride, and try to narrow down with the remaining girls as to the best time.

    4. The dreaded money dilemma. Chances are several of the girls will also be in the bride’s bridal party, which means the expense of the bridesmaid dress, bridal party gift, and wedding shower present. This adds up to quite a bit.  The cost of the bachelorette party does not need to be astronomical, but it also won’t cost $50. Use online resources such as to compare multiple flights easier and quicker. Sites such as and post amazing deals to little know hotels/resorts/destination for fraction of the cost. Becoming a member of both is free and flash sales take place daily. Above all, be respectful of any individual who may have monetary difficulties.

    5. STAY ORGANIZED (yes, I’m shouting once again). Maybe it’s my crazy OCD, but for all events such as parties, vacations, larger dinners, I keep several spreadsheets with details and checklists. Who can remember if all flights were booked, if you contacted the restaurant for a reservation, amount of girls per room, if everyone paid… you get the point. Keeps things less stressful by plugging all details into your desired spreadsheet tool and mark off each bullet point as you book, confirm, or receive payment.

    6. So you figured out the type of bachelorette party, the date, the amount of girls...what’s next?? Well, what exactly are you planning to do in those 2-3 days? Narrow down your options, set a desired budget per person (including covering the cost for your bride), and do some research regarding your desired activities.  A little piece of advice, if going away for the weekend, allow a few hours during the day as designated “free time”; girls may need a little break to recover, or sleep, or hit the gym.

    7. Who’s hungry? If you’re planning to travel to popular destinations, especially during peak seasons, remember to book and confirm your reservations at desired restaurants in advance. Call and speak with the manager regarding your dinner and the bachelorette party occasion, and they may give you a few perks, such as a great table and a round of drinks.

    8. Even classiest of ladies deserves one crazy night of dancing, drinking, and, whom are we kidding, body shots off the hottest guy in the room. Contact the club/lounge of your choice and let them know a bachelorette party will be in attendance. Most are eager for a group of girls to arrive and will cover not just the cost of entrance, but also gift your group a bottle of champagne.  Just keep your bride, and her style, in mind while planning this night. What type of crowd does she like? What type of music does she prefer? Would she rather hit the most popular club in town, or the local dive bar? As a side note, as much you may want to party with your best-friends try to limit your own drinking, after all, you are responsible for the party, and for your bride; bills will need to be paid  (unless those really cute guys in the corner pick up the tab).

    9. To hire a dancer, or not to hire a dancer – that is actually a quite important question! There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Some girls are into exotic dancers, and some could have a great time without one. It all goes back to knowing your bride.  If you decide to hire a dancer, speak with the agency regarding cost, any additional travel expenses, ask for his/her picture and clear the idea with the remainder of your friends.

    10. And finally (the logical side of me is taking over for a few seconds), be wise and safe. Sounds silly, but with all the excitement and partying, remember to never drink and drive. Hire a limo, arrange car service, or simply get a cab. No need to worry about the endless of possibilities. Make sure to have your phones charged, have extra cash, know who is in your party, and if anyone chooses to separate, make sure they let someone know!  Most importantly, have fun and enjoy these amazing memories.

    By: Vlada Sokol, Party Planner

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  • 5 Tips on Hiring a Male Entertainer

    Planning a party and wondering how to hire a male entertainer for you and your friends? It's easy. You don't have to get him from us (though we'd be very happy if you did) but here are 5 helpful tips:

    1. Read agency reviews:

    If you google "male entertainer" or "male stripper" you will see the agencies in your area. Go on their websites and browse through their selection. Make sure to read the reviews of the agencies on places like Yelp. Our yelp page is here:

    2. Make sure what you see is what you get:

    Call or email the agency to make sure the entertainer you selected actually works there, is available and could be booked. Many agencies use stock photos. We don't. For every 3-4 ladies in your party, we recommend one entertainer to make sure every guest gets the attention she deserves.

    3. How much to spend:

    The better entertainers are usually around $300-$400/hr. A lot of the guys are well educated and talented at that price range and they know how to make sure everyone in the party has a good time. Make sure the agency you chose screens their guys. A typically male strip dance is about 45 minutes and a typical dinner party is about 2 hours.

    4. Pay via credit card:

    Work out the payment arrangement in advance and make sure the male-stripper stays for the the agreed amount of time. It's best if you don't use cash to pay for the stripper but instead use a credit card so you're more protected. A typical show is 45 minutes. Tipping is encouraged and should be done throughout the performance, as long as you're enjoying it. Make sure to have lots of dollar and five dollar bills.

    5. Space and Music:

    Prepare the space where the entertainer will work. Make sure all fragile items are moved out of the way. Have an ipod, or a cd player available for the entertainer to use to put on his music. Or if you prefer your own music, make sure it's ready. If you are hiring a chef or bartender make sure to have all the food and drink ingredients ready to go ahead of time.

    Have a great time!

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