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For Our Blogger Fans

If you give us love, we want to give love back!

Follow the steps below to receive a $50 gift certificate to Rent A Gent: 

1. Write a blog about us and our handsome gents.

a. If you are a repeat customer just write a blog entry about how you used our gents. What was the occasion, what did you like, not like, etc. We want honest feedback only so are constantly improving our services.
b. If you are new to our store write a blog about your experience or the gents you like.

2. Add a link from your site to ours and include our name, Rent A Gent and our website, in the body of your post. Make sure your post has a link to our store or any products you choose to link to.

3. Send us an email with the info about your link. Once we verify the link we will send you a $50 gift certificate to Rent A Gent for your next order. One discount per person/blog/link.